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Choosing your Wedding Photographer

Your wedding photographs are one of the few tangible things left from your wedding day; a qualified professional photographer will have the experience and expertise to make your wedding memories all you want them to be.

Qualified members of the BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) have been judged by their peers to produce work as befits a craftsman.

Wedding photographers need to be both good technicians and have very good inter-personal skills - a photographer's personality matters. You must be comfortable knowing that no matter what the weather, personal or family circumstances your photographer will be both confident and courteous.

When considering the services of a photographer it is essential to establish that he/she can provide a service to meet your plans whether they are traditional or outrageous.

Viewing examples of the photographers work highlights not only quality but also whether you are obtaining value for money - spending too little can be as wasteful as spending too much. Most photographers will offer a series of "packages" i.e. combinations of services and products covering a range of prices. However don't be afraid to ask for the packages to be customized to fit your requirements. If your budget is limited consider having your photographs taken in the photographers studio rather than at the wedding venue.

Creative wedding photography is not a matter of chance and neither is presentation. Today's wedding photographs can be displayed in many ways - wedding albums, folios, frames or folders in materials from PVC to metal and colours from traditional white to purple or even black.

Time invested in carefully selecting and working with your Professional Photographer will be rewarded in the end results of long lasting memories of your special day.

Winner of Three Awards from the British Institute of Professional Photography
North East Region 2011

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